“Management of Prameha through Shodhana and Shamana”- A Case Report

  • Santosh Sudheendra Tadapatri Government Ayurveda Medical College Bangalore


Diabetes mellitus a chronic medical condition, a life style disorder which lasts for a life time. It is an important global health concern of the present era and needs immediate attention. It is a common and very prevalent disease affecting about 25 % of world population, more than 7.1% of adult population in India. The term diabetes mellitus describes a metabolic disorder of multiple etiologies characterized by chronic hyperglycemia with disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action, or both. Among all santarpana janya vyadhi, prameha has been explained first and can be understood with Diabetes Mellitus. Inclusion of prameha among the eight major disorders shows the significance given to the disease by the acharyas. Apatarpana is the first line of treatment in santarpanajanya vyadhi. So rutu shodhana followed by shamana oushadi  is effective in treating this condition.

Method:A 46 year aged male patient with c/o weakness, frequent burning micturation with HbA1C 10.6% came to Govt Ayurvedic Hospital, Kampli, Karnataka. On examination and screening he was diagnosed as type 2 diabetes mellitus & treating on the lines of prameha with rutu shodhana & shamana chikitsa since 3years.

Results: Significant changes with post HbA1C report and appreciable results in the symptoms were observed. The same line of treatment is continuing since 3 years.

Conclusion: Type 2 DM can be understood on the lines of prameha. Prameha can be effectively managed with regular rutu shodhana and shamana chikitsa.

Keywords: Prameha, Ayurveda, Diabetes mellitus, Rutu shodhana.                                                 


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